Political factors affecting nokia

Technological factors this element has become a key factor for organizations in assessing and listing issues that could have a potential impact on its operations and that could be critical to its long-term future. These environmental factors affect the nokia corporation in the following ways: political environment: legal constraints, such as 3g, must be considered because many businesses plan to make a profit so they may be tempted to misinform their customers about pricing, products’ quality and the availability of their goods. A tesla model s at the 2013 osaka motor show a pestel/pestle analysis of tesla inc (formerly tesla motors, inc) shows that the external factors in the company’s remote or macro-environment present opportunities for global expansion. Political factors affecting nokia the impact of political factors on nokia is hard to ascertain the company is based in the european nation of finland, but the finnish government has refused to give it a bailout or special favors [1. The political factors relates to the factors which the government also affects such as government instability or rules and regulations which the business must follownokia have recently moved one of its manufacturing facilities to india, and because of this it is important that nokia follow the rules and regulations that are set in india, so that they can operate as efficiently as possible.

Pestel is a strategic analytical tool used to assess the impact of external factors on businesses samsung pestel analysis involves critical analysis of political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal factors affecting the multinational electronics company. Political factors as nokia mobile phone company is large company and it is exporting its products in about 150 countries, so every country has its own rules and regulations to deal with trade of the it products and mobile phone services. Pestel analysis francis j aguilar: in 1967, there was a mention of aguilar in “scanning the business environment”, where he discussed the environmental factors affecting a business he gave them the acronym “etps” to indicate the “economic, technical, political, and social” factors. Political factors affecting nokia the impact of political factors on nokia is hard to ascertain the company is based in the european nation of finland, but the finnish government has refused to give it a bailout or special favors[1.

In the case of nokia microsoft is going to bring new culture, through the case study the political factors were already seen whereby the terminology of trojan horse was referred to the ceo. Business environment in china: economic, political, and cultural factors georgine k fogel, lawrence technological university abstract china is an emerging economy that offers lot of market opportunities for foreign investment. Political, legal and social factors impacting llc and iag the following report will consist of some of the social, political and legal factors that could potentially affect leeds city college and international airlines group as a business. Most influential factors affecting the choice of mobile phones moreover, saif et al, 2012 selected four important factors ie price, size/shape, new technology features and brand name and analyzed their impact.

A unique form of political risk occurs in china, and this is the constant battle between the country’s central government and the provincial and local governments over applicable law, and observance or non-observance of it. Any political decision can affect market for example: • in egypt and libya there are ongoing a political riot and in this situation nokia company decreased their market • samsung violated a host of apple patents and engaged in willful infringement. Pest analysis: pest identifies the political, economic, social, technological, environmental, andlegal factors that of which directly affect sony political: o trade, return, and warranty restrictions o employment law is crucial to maintain cost effective and legal in a specific country o introduction to euro, the exchange may drop in the uk. Social factors affecting business pestleanalysis contributor feb 25, 2015 other factors you should assess are political, economic, technological, environmental, ethical and legal read below to see how social changes affect pepsi co and nokia social factors which impact pepsi co. Political factors affecting burger king’s business political conditions are determinants of business performance this part of the pestel/pestle analysis identifies governmental influence on firms’ remote or macro-environment.

Political factors political factors relates to the pressures and opportunities brought by political institutions and to what degree the government policies impact the business. Political factors affecting mobile phone industry mobile phone industry in india with a subscriber base of more than 680 million, the mobile telecommunications industry in india is the second largest in the world and it was thrown open to private players in the 1990s competition has caused prices to drop and calls across india are one of the cheapest in the world. Political factors the first political decision which have chances to affect nokia in the uk is ‘the rate of tax’ this has the ability to affect both the primary line of the company because of corporation tax but also the ability and power of customers to spend with nokia and its services, linked to income tax. Cell phone economic and business factors the economic and business factors surrounding the cell phone industry are complicated and fluid we have already discussed the political and legal issues that cell phone providers and manufacturers must deal with.

  • Pest analysis of nokia pest analysis identifies the political, economic, social and technological factors that of which directly affect a company political factors political/legal environment are usually considered as one because they are enforced by the nation’s government it is vital for nokia’s operation because different nations.
  • Political factors diverse countries have several regulations in producing and selling/buying cellular products the regulations related to the production, import, export and the policies required to fulfill the requirements to set up an industrialized plant by overseas companies, effect nokia strategies to expand business in different countries.

The company’s high performance is associated with the way it not only deals with its internal factors, but external (macro-environment) factors too pestel is interpreted as political, economic, social, technological, ecological and legal factors impacting business organizations. Political instability: effects on financial development, roots in the severity of economic inequality mark j roe and jordan i siegel introduction financial development is widely seen as necessary or useful to propel economic growth, to create. A popular tool for identifying these external factors is the pestle analysis, which can be used to help you consider political, economic, social, technological, legal, and environ- mental issues. All these factors show that political risks are going to sustain moreover, a large number of countries have maintained trade barriers against the us telecom companies as per a uscib 2016 report, there is an extensive list of countries that maintain trade barrier against the us telecom companies.

political factors affecting nokia These factors are social, political, legal, economical, technological factors under these factors comes the demographics, corporate social responsibility and environmental forces under micro environment the factors affecting the business operations are market structure, market trends, competition, customers and suppliers (fahad, 2013.
Political factors affecting nokia
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